Quality in telecommunications powered by automated tests.

Perfect service = Quality assurance


We offer different solutions for supporting Telco operators in their IT and Telcoprojects of type acceptance, field acceptance and active probing services by test case automation. Any price plan or configuration can be tested with an automated regression test scope.


We support integrators during integration and any acceptance phase. With our INTACT test automation tool we run and validate complex use cases across multiple domains executing end-to-end automated tests.


We support suppliers with functional testing. Automated provisioning, test case execution and verification on a feature and parameter level are main elements of our services.

Concentrate on your customers and let us worry about the testing.

INTACT takes you to the next level of testing.


With INTACT, mobile phones and IP-phones can be fully automated and controlled remotely. Everything subscribers can do with their phones can be automatically executed, e.g. making, answering and forwarding phone calls, composing and sending text messages, sending USSD enquiries (like last call charge, SMS balance, etc.), data browsing or roaming calls.

Interfaces and Network

All peripheral systems and servers requiring configuration can be easily administrated either via interface or automated web configuration. We are able to trace all network connections automatically and analyze them.

Accounting, Billing and Charging

INTACT fetches Call Detail Records and Event Data Records and logs from relevant systems and runs on-line verifications of several hundred parameters within a few seconds, thereby quickly confirming whether your billing and charging processes work correctly.